Radiant Esports began as just a small community of friends that wanted to compete in the gaming world, since then we have grew into a respectable, noticeable brand within the EU and NA regions. We aim to not only push our morals and our brand image but also ensure we support the core community at the end of the day, with charitable streams, entertaining content and much more to ensure we cater to the wider reach. We believe that without such a community based focus then Esports begin to lose it's original value that once created it. 

We now reach millions a month on multiple platforms, which gives us the opportunity to promote our new ventures and ongoing updates on what we have planned, current activities and just a general great space to interact with our fanbase. Radiant Esports will continue to develop and build upon what we believe in and hope to progress into a leading Esports organisation one day.

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What is Esports?

Esports is a rapidly growing network where both Business and Gaming meet. Along with the huge online presence of 194 Million enthusiasts, Esports is also becoming a very wise investment with 2017 alone having a total revenue of $696M. With such a wide range of Esport titles, the communities within each area are all thriving along with producing entertaining, fluid content on various platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Esports has never been better, as large sponsors such as Intel, Audi, Coca Cola, Red Bull and many more begin to invest into the network then it's only a matter of time before we become legitimised as a worldwide recognised sport.

Furthermore with Esports now appearing time to time on the BBC with interesting Documentaries being produced, along with the yearly XGames that include Esports as part of their events. Additionally you cannot ignore the fact that discussions are currently being taken place regarding the possibility of Esports appearing in the Olympic Games to be viewed by millions online, and hundreds of thousands in huge stadiums... And with 2017's League Of Legends World Championship this is looking more likely than ever. The ignorance that once surrounded Gaming and Esports is soon fading as a new era of Athletes begins. 

We as a organisation are currently holding rosters in multiple Esport rosters. We also thrive on creating entertaining content such as our bi-weekly Podcast which is dedicated to talking about Esports related topics. We also have lots to watch when regarding our performances at LAN Events. Furthermore we have a wonderful Media Team backing us that not only fuel the Content Creation here at Radiant but also put a face to the brand. If you'd like to apply to Radiant you can either email us at '' or fill out our quick and easy Contact Form