The Amateur Scene within Esports.

The Amateur Scene, often ridiculed depending what Esport it is, however admittedly Esports simply would not be what it is without the support and backing from this community. I once read a report detailing that the Professionals only take up around 10-15% of the overall majority within the Esports fanbase - this sounds pretty accurate when taking in the fact that their is only really a select group of 10-20 rosters in each Title that are considered 'Pros'. However, moving on - my personal opinion stands as: Esports simple would not be what it is without the Amateur community and here's why.

-Who is going to attend the events and hence purchase tickets? If we're being realistic, the majority that attend events have played the game that is featured, enjoy watching it and want to have the experience of the event atmosphere. However the majority of these LAN Events also include offside stations that may cater to Amateur teams that can play and win money at a lower rate compared to the professionals. Therefore without such a scene, you'd find that at these Events it'd be only the professionals. And not to mention all the merchandise, sponsor gear and tickets help towards the overall revenue of these companies. 

-Who supports the professionals? Again, you find those who back certain rosters and organisation are those you actually play the game themselves. Maybe at a lower standard but they do also compete, therefore you are much more inclined and self motivated to support these teams as they compete within the same title as you. 

-Who makes up the majority? Like mentioned, the majority of the community is taken up by the Amateurs at an outstanding 85%. They form the backbone of competitive gaming and without them Esports would be left with merely the Pros, and who knows - would they even receive the measures they need to continue as a full-time positions, without all the money that is received via the community. 

Therefore to conclude, regardless of sometimes the Amateur community receiving quite a bit of slack for their possible lack of professionalism, they are undoubtedly a core part of Esports... and without them I don't think love and know the scene we have now. 

Nathan 'NoVaa' Edmonds | Owner & Founder |