Amateur VS Professional And How To Get There.


Everyone begins in the Amateur (AM) stage of Esports and few reach the Professional stage. To be clear, the one main difference between these is that Professionals either make a living off their specific game or they do get paid for playing. Whereas on the other end, the Amateurs are of course seeking to reach Professional level however do not get anything near rewards such as salaries and therefore cannot turn it into a full time position. However, saying that there are a surplus of streamers within the 'AM' community that do hold quite the audience and are indeed bringing in decent revenue, enough to live off - therefore I'd class these as less of 'Professionals' but cater more towards a personality or entertainer

Statement from Max 'ChickenNoodle' who has prior experience with owning and running his own tournament page. "In my opinion, a Pro player is defined by their practical situation. If a person earns their full income from playing CoD competitively, that person is a pro player. All players that earn money on a regular basis are semi-professionals (These are people that regularly win GB tournaments, leagues or are on small salaries). Everyone that either plays for fun or incidentally earns small amounts (Playing 2nd-8th in leagues, winning a tournament every now and then) are amateurs."

Then that leaves the question, how do you reach this Professional stage in which you can quit your day job and fulfil gaming as a full time passion? In my own personal opinion you can do this one way - raw talent and passion along with a handful of connections within the community. Of course if you are looking to take it to the Professional stage then you need to be a 'good enough' calibre, have a previous record of success and already play at the highest level within the AM scene. 

Statement from Alex 'Woody' who competes within the CoD Youth scene. "In my opinion, to become a professional from the Amateur scene, you need to have the right mindset, you need to focus on yourself and not begin to worry about those around you. You need to be determined to improve and not dwell on the things you are doing wrong."

Statement fro Arron who is management for Animosity Esports. "Personally I believe in hard work and dedication. You won't get anywhere if you aren't motivated to do the graft to get where you want to be. Obviously this can't be done alone so you need to surround yourself with people driven for the same goal and be willing to learn from others."

Statement from 'Nexus' who is one of the Owners of Opulent Esports. "Online Presence via social media and in tournaments and not acting like a buffoon after a win or loss - and showing sportsmanship and a mutual understanding that you and others regardless of team are all after the same goal, so humility is key. 2nd is Confidence in your ability with the knowing everyone has there day and anyone can turn up on the day....3rd is consistency: look up the definition."

Upon asking a handful of those within the community what they thought, a reoccurring idea was brought up - dedication and hard work, and I totally agree. To reach the highest stage of professional play you need to be willing to give up ALOT of time, and this will therefore mean personal sacrifices need to be made. Only the best are willing to give up such time and it shows in their game. 

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