Funding - What Do Teams Deserve?


Funding. The topic that must be discussed with each and every team when in contact with a organisation. Funding has become quite the controversy recently with some rosters being called out for allegedly not being worth the amount that has been funded by their organisation. Now just to be clear, a organisation can do whatever it wishes with its funds and can invest how they deem fit, indeed it may not be clear from an outside perspective but at the end of the day it's not your choice, it's theirs. 

Statement from Toulyo, Former Coach and Headmanager in Aware Gaming and WySix - "I think no team is worth nothing. Every team switches players during the season, everybody played and beat everybody. Every year there's surprises and dissatisfaction. There are players more likely to be at the top but everything depends of many details such as the other players, the objectives the game style and the support they got. Org owners are entrepreneurs which means they have to listen to their instinct. If they think the team is worth what they would give, that is the value of the team. Teams and players are not enough aware of the situation of the org. What the org would give is what you're worth."

Furthermore, also to be clear - there is no set rule-book in which you have to follow when looking to fund a team, there is brief outlines but at the end of the day it is the organisations decision and choice. To begin, when looking to fund a team and decide and what they deserve you must look at the return, whether that it of monetary value or can it bring exposure towards the organisation? Exposure is good due to it simply increasing your audience and therefore increase in sales, code uses and so forth. Furthermore they can simply grow your brand awareness, through streams, Social Media and apparel

In my own personal opinion, I believe every single roster deserves apparel, it is simply a must and there is not point of attending an event without a team representing your brand physically. I believe those rosters that can bring a considerable amount of return do deserve a small addition towards funding, lets say a team ticket or other minor funding. Those rosters that can bring in a large amount of return do deserve additional funding such as travel or accommodation. And for those rosters that can bring the largest amount of return including consistent monetary return then they do qualify for salaries of the sort along with full funding

Statement from Davey, CEO at Aerox - "My opinion funding is based on past experience and overall team achievements, nothing worse getting an email stating we have T5 at a lower tier LAN, then turns out only 1 of the team had achieved T5 and the rest have either no LAN experience or terrible placements but they still think their entitled to funding, like I said before. Everyone should have jerseys, Consistent T1-16 should be getting some sort of salary & full funding, 17-24 should get a TT,  hotel. No travel as I think everyone should take themselves to the event unless T16, 25-32 should get a TT, 32+ still have to prove themselves why would you want to spend money on teams placing out of T32. All just depends on how long the roster has been together, individual placements, social media influence etc, all depending on organisations and how they work but up to now with some organisations throwing money about just to send teams who place 25+ now everyone thinks there pros and deserve the world."

Statement from Ollie, Owner of Nexus - "18+ teams- depending on previous achievements a lot in my opinion only deserve jerseys to represent the org they're playing for at an event however majority also want team pass to be funded even teams that haven't placed well at events. Youth teams- funding for league spots to represent the org they play for however majority of teams again will not fund themselves & want an organisation only for its funding."

To note, some tips are as follows: 

- Grow your Social presence as a player, individual and personality, it all adds to when you reach out to organisations and could even get you that extra bit of funding

- Know your worth, don't go in underestimating yourself but don't also overestimate - look confident and knowledgeable

- Be respectful of what you're asking for, understand that this is someones money and it should not be taken/discussed lightly.