Owning An Esports Organisation - 3 Tips For Starters.

Interested in starting your own Esports organisation or do you currently own one that is at small stages? This Blog post may offer you some insight in what you may want to improve on or start implementing, and before I begin - I am far from the expert, I am simply looking to advise and help those and I believe I have learnt quite a considerable amount from my experience in Esports. 

1. Start as you mean to end.

When starting your brand, first impressions are everything. Ensure you branding not only stands out but your standards and qualities run throughout, don't start Amateur, act higher than you are and portray the image the same way. You need to appeal to the interest of your audience, because you'll find yourself reaching out to a lot of people in the early days. Make sure their experience with your organisation is only positive. Furthermore, if you begin with high quality branding you will only improve from there, make sure to do your research on the market you are delving into and please, don't be cheap on Graphical work - it's the one thing 100% of your audience will see - make it count. 

2. Get a Website.

Having a website is key, such a old technique that is so underrated these days as Social Media tends to drown it's usages. However having a user friendly landing page is key, not only to have everything about your organisation in one place, but also to showcase to sponsors. It makes your brand stand above the rest and will guarantee to attract much more of a audience due to this reason. Things to note are: Make sure you take your time with it, do you research and cover everything you need to on the site. Make sure you thoroughly test it before launch, get as many people as you can to test it - having another pair of eyes look on things really does do wonders. And also, the most important thing is to keep it relevant and up to date, whether that is a interactive blog - or simple updates to the user interface. And before I forget - purchase a domain, nothing worse than having a free templated Website that includes their branding in your site URL.

3. Reputation.

Arguably the most important tip ever, reputation means everything. From how your brand is discussed behind closed doors to how it publicly talked about in articles, Social Media or just general chat. This again links in to point 1 in a sense, due to the fact it has to embedded from the beginning, like I mentioned earlier - first impressions are everything. You don't get many second chances in Esports, you'll the find the community is very unwilling to forgive past bad experiences. Make every interaction count, make them feel special, make them feel like you have time for them and their not just a branding tool for you organisation. Respect everyone who is interested in your brand, they have spent their time contacting you, that should be enough.

Agree or disagree with anything I have said? Let me know in the comments.