Social Media and Content Creation in Esports.

It's no lie that 100% of Esports fans are on some form of Social Media. Whether that be Twitter, Facebook, Twitch or YouTube - they make Esports what it is. This is because if you were to look at other Sports, they do indeed have large followings on Social Platforms but I'd say less than 50% of their audience actually use Social Media - therefore it makes Esports exclusive, it's the only phenomenon to do this. 


When mentioning core numbers and statistics they stand as the following:

-Fnatic currently stand at 2.6Million Likes on Facebook.

-FaZe Clan stand at 3.5Million Followers on Twitter

-FaZe Clan stand at 1.8Million Followers on Instagram

-FaZe Clan further dominate with a 4.6Million Subscribers on YouTube

As you can see, some of the largest platforms in the world are currently being dominated by FaZe Clan, and their presence can not be ignored. So this begs the question; why is everyone else not following in their steps? And to be honest, there are many more examples of good Digital Marketing across the board, but nobody matches FaZe. For example, the trend as of recent has been a Documentary series - ordinary set in stone by OpTic has now lead to a wave of high production content being produced across the board. This leads onto another point - why is content creation important? And I believe this was explained perfectly by Seb Spooner of Red Reserve when appearing on the Radiant Podcast: 'Where OpTics Teams fail, their content picks it up'. In a nutshell this means, regardless of a bad performance, their content is still watched and enjoyed by millions. There is tones of Content to be made when regarding Esports, from short highlight videos of matches to interviews with the team, all of which can be done from your desk at home, simply get the team and Skype and record it. It really depends how much you want to rely on Content as a brand, but if you are not reaching out into that market already then you're are missing out on so much more than just interactions. At the end of the day you're here to serve the audience, the community - therefore make it fun, make it interactive, make people hold interest in your brand because they are going the extra mile to create this enjoyable Content. Do this and you'll have more than enough to showcase to a Sponsor, proving your worth in Esports and out

To be honest, the most interactive pieces are video, they take the least amount of effort to interact with as the user/audience can simply soak up the information and they are visually appealing. However not everyone may be able to allocate such a budget to these high production pieces, therefore I'd say the next best approach is pictures/images. Audiences are much more entitled to interact if their is something visually to represent the message, make a Graphic relevant to your post, include the same detail but just numbed down and include all your branding colours and themes. When regarding the platform I'd be biased and say Twitter, it's not only interactive and holds a large audience but it is also easy to market and grow due to their '#' system, Facebook is indeed the largest platform however I've only touched upon it briefly so I cannot vouch, however Instagram, YouTube and Twitch are all great ways to showcase your creative content. Whether that is short videos or a photo-shoot showing off your apparel - it is easy for the user to take in and adsorb.

Also, to end off. If you're looking at inspiration to begin, just take a look around FaZe Clans Social presence and you'll get the general idea on how to go from there. However make your own Content personlised and unique, if you do this you'll stand out of the crowd. 

Now, this is where I'd love to know your opinions... what do you think the most developed Social Platform is for Esports and why? Drop me your answer in the comments below