Week In Review | Issue 1


What is 'Week In Review'? 

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as H1Z1, Brawlhalla, CSGO, Project Steps, Studio Team, Management and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue 1 - 29/01/18



Tom - Digital Manager. 

I'm Tom also known as 'T1DY' and this week I was promoted from Project Steps into the position of Digital Manager at Radiant. I like the role as it gives me quite a lot of creative freedom to build on the Org. So far I've been working on Radiant's growth into Facebook and some background projects that have not yet been released. Looking at next week, I hope to particularly grow our Facebook page and help with any projects that my skill set can be valuable in.

Nathan 'NoVaa' - Owner and Founder.

What a crazy week this has been, to begin we announced our new Apparel Provider - Gamers Apparel which I am ecstatic for, the thought of a brand new company to work with is always a joy. We've also re-booted our Facebook page in the hope to grow our audience on a plater of platforms and Facebook has always been of interest, this campaign is lead by Tom our Digital Manager and so far he's proven fit the role. 

When regarding our Esport rosters, all parties have been exceeding expectations, with the H1Z1 team constantly rising on the ladders, our CSGO roster taking both of their first matches with dominant victories and Brawlhalla - the new season is just about to begin. I'm looking forward to the future, Radiant truly feels like a strong family unit and I hope to see that only improve. 

Humaid 'Tyyran' - Lead Designer of Radiant Esports.

In the last week I have successfully promoted a current designer on the Studio Page to work alongside and lead the Studio, also we have also been in the process of getting a new Studio logo designed. What I like most about my role is how it has a real big purpose in Radiant and it helps manage the designs that need to get done for members of Radiant or other clients we get from the Studio.

However, what I love about my role is how I am able to work with a variety of different designers that each brings something new to the Studio whether it be their header skills, thumbnails or mascots they each are amazing at what they do and I love working with them. What I am aiming to achieve next week is to hopefully begin and set up a design tournament or RC for the Studio where designers each get given a theme and face off against each other to see who can present the theme the best.


Media Team.

Alex 'Quakez' - Content Creator.

In the last week, I have begun work on Episode 2 of the Radiant Stream Highlights series by starting to plan it out and gather some clips from the streamers channels. Episode 1 appeared to do really well so if you haven’t checked it out yet it’s over on the Radiant YouTube channel and that should give you an idea of what it will be like once it is completed. Into the next few weeks I look to continue gathering clips and editing them to hopefully get it out as soon as possible (and of course if you catch any funny moments on any Radiant streams just clip them and link them to me!)

In addition to this, I am also looking to continue making videos on my own YouTube channel as that seems to have taken a backseat over the past few weeks. I really enjoy being part of both the Radiant Media team and Radiant as a whole mostly due to all the great members and management of the team. Working with them is always a good laugh and I think the last week has been a good success for the team.


Design Studio.

Chrizeh - Studio Co-Lead.

As a whole, I feel like the studio has plenty of potential, individually I know everybody offers something different which is why I feel there is plenty of potential present within the team. If I’m being completely honest I feel like we’re not doing enough as a unit to help the Studio gain exposure and I think it’s not because we don’t want to but it’s a laziness thing. Communication wise this is one of the best design teams I’ve been apart of that goes for the quality of work also, I’m very happy with these two factors within the team. I think if we all put a little more effort or submitted one piece of work a week it would dispose of the lack of work posted on the studio page leading to the exposure we all want. I aim to do a speed art once a week and showcase Radiant Studios somewhere in the video so people are aware of what we do. As of late it has become a common thing to consult ideas with Humaid about how we can improve the Studio page also. 

Jacob - Designer. 

How I feel the studios are going is simple; I feel it's going great, and going in the right direction. I feel that the number of designers is perfect. However, I feel that the studios require a more business mindset to attract clients, and push itself as a design business rather than a simple subsidiary of an Org. What I get up to on a weekly basis is something I cannot answer. Everything changes, nothing is the same. Some weeks I'll be flat out with work provided by the studios, whilst some are easy, and more laid back. This is something I like with the studios, as it provides different things all the time, making everything enjoyable, and different.

Project Steps.

Ethan - Applicant.

I joined Steps on the 1st January 2018 and I joined as part of the management section in order to help me develop my skills. Since I joined Steps I have completed multiple tasks that have challenged me and made me gain some new skills, this includes writing professional emails and learning the different types of ways a company can team up with an Esports org. I am 19 years old and I currently study Business Management at University. 




I am Doing well and re-found my consistency in Brawlhalla and feel like I have improved a bunch from all of the experimenting I did in the early season. In the last week or so, I've set up a bunch of winners stays in the king of the hills with other top players, which helps with other play styles and allows me to figure out counters for players I've had trouble with.

I'm looking forward to Blue Mammoth Games to finally announce their tournament circuit for this upcoming season this coming Monday.



KP - Captain.

This week went really well for us. We have been practicing the map Inferno for about two weeks leading up to our opening matches, and although we had some rough games, we switched up some positioning on CT side and were very confident going into it.

I think our team is super momentum based, so we all understood that if we came out guns blazing in the first match than we could carry that over to the second game later that night. That's exactly what we did. In the first match against "Chum Bucket Cholos," we hit them hard with an 11-4 T half, and after winning a few Eco rounds on CT side we closed it out 16-7. The second game was a little bit tougher against "Goon Platoon." We started on the T side again and even after making a few mistakes we won the half 10-5. After winning the CT pistol, we eventually closed out the game 16-11. These matches were critical to winning because we needed to start the season off strong



Crizzpy - Captain.

There have been a lot of action the past week for the H1Z1 Team. We started the week being 11th on The Revenge EU leader-board and have now advanced to the 6th place. That is a performance that we are happy about since we haven't played our best this week. We are still aiming to make it into the to top 5 before the season ends in the beginning of February.

Champions Arena wise we are doing under average. We are currently fighting for staying in Tier 1 and have therefore taken a few extra scrim games to be ready, for the final games of the season tomorrow. We are hoping to stay in Tier 1, which have been our goal from the start since our main focus is on Revenge EU. We also announced a new player to the Roster. We are very happy to announce that Rislaa is gonna be playing with us, and we are looking forward to grinding the leader-boards with him.

Dragon with name.png

What next?

The future is looking bright, as it stands I don't think Radiant has ever stood at a better position as it does right now. With our members flourishing and a flurry of brand new faces - it brings confidence and light to the organisation, however, I do still believe we could be improving on so much more, it's the fact we are now looking how to implement the change is what makes it different. 

You can expect a handful of new announcements in the next week, from some new additions to the Media team and the possibility of expanding out into Halo - with recent talks we are in the process of acquiring a roster to represent the brand at the new MLG Season beginning at the Gfinity Arena in London. I have so much love for Halo as an Esport due to how it has treated us, with our reputation being high it truly gives us a stage to showcase our brand and our performance whilst not only creating Content centred around the Esport. You should expect that announcement this week or early in the following. 

Project Steps is once again flourishing, with new management bringing in a new light to the program. Sam and Tay have really helped run the project with as much care as possible, as much as I do still think there is room for improvement - they have made a good start to controlling the project and its members. Therefore this leaves me with looking to the future, we aim now only to improve ourselves, by increasing Content being released onto all platforms, you can expect a lot more to come from us here at Radiant. Stay tuned. 

-Nathan 'NoVaa'