Week In Review #3

Radiant Esports | Week In Review #3

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as H1Z1CSGOHaloProject StepsStudio TeamManagementand the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #3 - 12/02/18

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James 'Censure' - Not a huge amount to report this week. We've just been grinding Hard getting  ready for LAN. We Had some good scrims against Polaris and Skitlite in which we learnt a good amount. On Sunday we played the Final 2k before the event. We placed top 16 which is fairly disappointing but we had incredibly close games with Invalid, I was mentally exhausted after the series, it was such a tight match up.

11 days until Lan now so the excitement gets stronger every single day. So the plans for this week is just grinding, purchasing the team ticket, and more grinding.  Hopefully get a couple of scrims against some top teams. And then next weekend Support the lads representing Europe at HCS Orlando. That's about it for now though lads. Have a lovely week.



Crizzpy - For H1Z1, we finished the first week of the new season as overall 13th out of 16 teams. We got a bad day, but caught up massively the last day on Sunday as we were far behind in points. Next week we are looking forward to a new week of RevengeEU and the start of a new season of Champions Arena Tier 1. Hopefully a lot of scrimming before those games.



DsK - This week decided as a team to bench one of our original starters, and had been looking into other options, we think we have found a good fit in our new player. Our first game with him we ended up winning on Nuke 16-13, just hours after they redid the map so we had to come up with a new game-plan and it worked nicely.

We are currently 4-1 on the season, our only loss being in double OT, so we are very confident that we can play with and beat any team. A couple of us have also been preparing for a smaller local LAN where we live this Sunday so we are looking forward to that as well!



Humaid 'Tyrxn' - In the last week we unfortunately had to release a designer due to reasons we cannot disclose meaning we are currently searching for a few more designers to help work alongside us on the studio. Myself and Chris have also brainstormed a few ideas regarding the studio to help keep the page active and also help benefit the designers and organisation as a whole. In the upcoming week I am hoping to be able to use one of the ideas me and Chris have had and see what we can make happen.

Harry - This past week I have worked on some cool new projects for myself aswell as in Radiant, that being experimenting and learning on my new camera. I went on a photoshoot with mates on the weekend and recorded the whole thing, came back and edited out a cinematic styled music video. NoVaa also sent me a GTOMega racing bag to shoot and experiment with which was sweet. Working with the studio I have been working on some other client work behind the scenes which Tyraan has helped me with.



Take Notes - I haven't been in Radiant that long but from what I've noticed everyone is very supportive & helpful towards each other.

With the new apparel launched, it's great too see the support and how excited it has made all of the members. I'm just looking forward to working on future projects with Radiant and it's members, so I can showcase my edits to a larger community.

Technoboz - It's been an enjoyable week with radiant. Had my first stream on the main channel which I think went pretty well, but might be slightly biased :P. Currently in the process of upgrading my own rig so hope to continue streaming on radiant channel weekly and my own in better quality in the future. Was really impressed by what Gamers Apparel had done with the 2018 Jerseys.

Josh & Kato - This week has been a lot of fun! The Radiant team has been nothing but friendly and welcoming! Kato and I have been slowly working our way through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild EX Champions' Ballad and are nearly finished with it. We also participated in the Splatoon 2 EU Splatfest event under the Gherk-IN flag!

Unfortunately, we got shutdown by team Gherk-OUT but we did our team proud by making it to event Queen (max) rank. Our current squid kid is still pretending to be a girl character lol! Looking forward to our first Radiant Esports stream this week. We'll be posting a poll on twitter to decide what we'll be playing after zelda!


Project Steps

Tay - Currently Steps is running well and very smooth. At the start of the week, we handed out new tasks to every individual who has worked exceptionally hard on their current task and that have shown that they are able enough to progress. They are now currently working their ways up to reach for the next step and so on from there.

Our goals for next week are to look at everyone’s recent work and see where they are currently at with their new tasks. If Sam and I feel as if they are ready then we will move them up a task and closer towards the main goal of joining Radiant Esports. We also will be starting to tweet out more on the Project Steps Twitter regarding information etc.


Owner And Founder

Wow, what a busy week. The support has been phenomenal and I could not thank you all so much - I appreciate anyone who takes the time to support my brand. 

To begin, releasing our newest line of apparel was refreshing, not only a great way to begin the new year but also the exciting future of working with Gamers Apparel after a poor experience from our previous provider. The feedback from the designs was crazy - I don't think I saw a single negative comment! Bring on the future with Gamers Apparel... furthermore the Owner 'Jamie' had this to say - "I love working on projects like Radiant, where there is creative brand artwork to work with - opens up a whole load more creative juice".

Things have been slow this week with the Esport roster, just down to the fact we're going through the grinding season, preparing for upcoming games and events! This leads me onto our Halo event, with it just being two weeks a way! I am extremely excited to showcase our talent and land a good placement. Furthermore we recently announced the look for a new Owner to join our ranks... if this interests you checkout the video on our Twitter and apply via any of our usual methods.

Have a great week people, here is to the next.