Salaries Within Esports.

Salaries are the one benefit that all players/rosters desire when contacting an organisation, but what actually qualifies someone to 'deserve' a monthly allowance for competing in their specific game?  Salaries give individuals the capability of taking their hobby and turning it into a career, it allows them to dedicate more time to their title.

However, there is a reason not everyone has a salary. In this article, I hope to discuss what standards are expected before a salary is given out, in the hope to educate those who believe they may be suited for one. 


1. Achievements.

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To begin, the player or roster must show a past of success within their title, and the main focus is their previous earnings. If they have won a considerable amount of money playing the Esport, then they are on the right track for requesting the salary. Furthermore, prior achievements must include a past of notable wins, whether that is a large tournament to a local event - list your entire placings across the board. 

Ensure you go the extra-mile when pitching yourself to an organisation, I'd recommend creating a graphic based document detailing all information in a user-friendly, easy to read way. The easier it is to take it, the more likely you will get a response from the said organisation. Additionally you need to know your worth, you need to be realistic when contacting a organisation and sure you handle talks well and answer any questions the organisation has - note that it is a huge put off if you reach out to a organisation and mention only what you are seeking, and not a mention of anything else.


2. Return on Investment.

One thing all players need to understand is that if you are looking for a salary based contract, you must bring in some kind of value to the organisation, it needs to be a two-way street, organisations will not simply pump thousands a month with the end goal of getting nothing in return. 

Return can be various different methods such as the following:

Monetary: Receiving a cut from prize pools in which the roster enters. 

Sponsorship: The high-level roster may grab the interest of a sponsor, in which may be a product/financial sponsor leading to advantages for the organisation. 

Promotion: For some rosters, exposure and Social platforms mean a lot. The more of a following you have, the more viewers you get, the larger reach you have all equate to exposure that organisation may be able to sap into. 


What are your thoughts on this topic? I'd love to hear other views when regarding Salaries and at the end of the day, there is no clear answer. Please let me know your thoughts!