Week In Review #4

Radiant Esports | Week In Review #4

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as SmiteCSGOHaloProject StepsStudio TeamManagement and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #4 - 19/02/18



Censure - Less than 4 days until HaloWC London. Super excited to see everyone and compete on LAN again. We're feeling confident but have a few things to work on this week. We couldn't play as a team much last week due to work commitments from Sparky, but we did manage to play 1 scrim with Sparky against Polaris which went very well once we had gotten back into the groove of the game as a team.

And we should be practicing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week with the full squad, myself or Java will try to stream some scrims as well. Some Radiant apparel and GTOmega gear will be with me this week which is excellent, just in time for LAN. This week will just be filled with more grinding, hopefully, it pays off this weekend.



DsK -  This week has been a rough one for us. in our 2 seasons of playing with each other, we have never lost 2 league games in a row until now. We ended up losing both our games this week in close Overtime matches, playing against teams we know we could have easily beaten under different circumstances.

We don't like to make excuses on why we lost, but we had to play with 2 new players for both of these matches, so we weren't able to use our full playbook so to speak. It is always hard to adjust to a new player in just a couple days time, but 2 new players are very tough. We are still confident moving forward though and will be practicing hard to get ready for our next matches. 



Myagus - We are really honored and excited to join Radiant Esports. We know that it is really unusual to pick up a team that early after a game switch and are thankful for the Chance we are getting. The team is looking to forward to grow and improve in order to have an impact on the Smite scene. 

Future Plans : Competing in Weeklys, Monthlys, and most importantly try to qualify for the Smite Minor League in order to hopefully make it to the Smite Pro league through that.



Chris - We continue to be excited about the content we are producing here at Radiant. This week, we published an excellent article by Nathan highlighting player salaries. We will also be posting an article in the next few days focused on the recent news that could bring Esports even closer to our communities. We are still looking for writers to assist in the development of our Esports Guide.

We hope for the Esports Guide to be a comprehensive document where anyone looking to learn more about Esports can find information on a plethora of topics related to the industry. You do not have to be a professional writer, only someone who is passionate about Esports and willing to learn. If you are interested, please contact me @cdbilski

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Quakez - Another good week in Radiant and things have come along well. I finished episode 2 of Radiant Stream Highlights so that is now available to watch on the YouTube channel for anyone interested. For those who don't know what it is, it is just 5 minutes of the best and funniest stream moments from streamers within Radiant so check it out if you haven't already. 

Next I look to work on a variety of different things. First of all I am working on my effects and text transition skills on Hitfilm 4 so that in the future I can make more things for the team using these skills. I will also start gathering more clips for stream highlights part 3 in the near future but it may be awhile before I have gathered enough to complete the next video. 

Overall everything is going well in Radiant and in the Media team and we look forward to the next couple of weeks and the challenges and opportunities they bring. 



Humaid - This we week we have successfully picked up another designer making production and designing a lot easier as it will be a lot more spread out and the work we produce will improve through the tips we get from the other designers.

I recently informed the design team that they would officially be getting paid on a monthly basis by me and they took really well and were very appreciative of the payment as it will be coming from my own pocket and earnings.

Finally I have assigned the design team to do advertisement work for our recent apparel line produced by GamersApparel which has allowed us to present our work on the main twitter and also be able to showcase it on the portfolio for clients and other people to view.



Tay - Nothing much has changed since last week. Sam and I have been looking at how everyone is progressing and where they are currently at with their tasks. We are happy to say that everyone is working exceptionally well and impressing us all time.

We have started to be more active with tweeting out more on the Twitter and we hope to keep this up.

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What Next?

This week has proven once again very busy, I don't believe the Twitter has received so many messages in one go, I've mainly had to focus my efforts on meetings and giving out responses to those interested in Radiant. With the newly announced Smite team, I'm looking to delve into that myself in the efforts to understand it a lot more. And when regarding Esport titles, we have two announcements coming up regarding the expansion into one familiar Esport and one new venture for ourselves - excited for that.

I'm really looking to settle down this week and focus more on the internal procedures within Radiant, less focus will be placed on what we look like from the outside perspective. I indeed look forward to another, productive week here at Radiant.