Week In Review #5

Radiant Esports | Week In Review #5

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as SmiteHaloProject StepsStudio TeamManagement and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #5 - 26/02/18



Censure (C) - So. That's the Event over, It was a brilliant weekend. We're all slightly bitter about the bracket. However top 12 was the minimum we wanted and we achieved it so it's not too bad, GGs to everyone we played this weekend. Shame we didn't get to play on mainstage or against any of the other teams Like Skitlite, Invalid ect which would of been an incredible series on paper.

It was amazing supporting my mates on Polaris who got top 6. Massively impressive considering it was Kyes and Slumpy's first event. Thanks to Radiant for picking us up at relatively short notice. And everyone in radiant that supported us leading up to and at the event. As a team we don't know we'll do next. It depends on when more events are announced and other factors.

Thanks again everyone.



Ben (C) - Our first week in Radiant as the Rocket League team has been amazing, we've made some great friends and are having a blast. For the future of Radiant RL, we're going to be competing in RLCS. This being the biggest tournament in Rocket League.

Attending LAN's is on our agenda for this year. Hopefully 2 of us will be attending I62 later on in March.



Myagus (C) - Everybody has been putting 100% effort in self improvement this week. Being through personal talks with coach or grinding through ranked games to improve mechanically, no stops being pulled.

We are really happy about the day by day improvement everyone in the squad is going through. 



Tyyran - This week we have uploaded our first speedart to begin our weekly speedart series to help advertise the studio, stay active and also help any other designers who need some help with certain aspects of designs. So far the designers have also been doing well with the apparel line ads I set them so hopefully we can have a full project up on the port in the coming weeks to help show the quality of the studio and Radiant.

This week we are hoping to add a new designer to the design roster but also we may be having to say goodbye to some of the team due to matters we cant discuss but because of this we are hoping to keep the studio smaller for easier communication and hopefully it will help us each keep track of work and improve productivity within the studio team. 



Grumpi (Talent Acquisition) - This week in Radiant has been quite a big one. We stepped into an Esport Radiant hasn't been in before but is one that Nathan and myself have been talking about since I first joined, Rocket League. The team we acquired was perfect for us, we had the same goals and after having a meeting we could see that we were all on the same page and knew it was going to happen. The announcement was amazing as always and was taken well by the fans. 

That's not all, we have been working hard behind the scenes to finalise even more teams and come to agreements to get them under the Radiant banner potentially getting Radiant into the ESL UK Premiership but nothing is yet confirmed. 

Finally we are still looking for teams to represent Radiant at i62 and i have had some interest and if i haven't gotten back to you yet about representing Radiant at i62 please bare with me. I've had an influx of DM's recently about it I will get back to you ASAP. If you are interested reach out to me on twitter, @Grumpi_ or email me,


Christopher (Content Manager) - The content team produced a piece this week chronicling the recent investment into Belong by GAME and what it could mean for developing Esports in local communities. We are targeting an aggressive content plan in the near future that will bring greater exposure to the organisations and the teams who we proudly sponsor.

We are still looking for writers to assist in the development of our Esports Guide. We hope for the Esports Guide to be a comprehensive document where anyone looking to learn more about Esports can find information on a plethora of topics related to the industry. You do not have to be a professional writer, only someone who is passionate about Esports and willing to learn. If you are interested, please contact me @cdbilski!

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Quakez - Going to keep it short and sweet today due to the fact that there is not too much new to report on this week but still a good week anyway. I have continued work on my video making skills and looking for clips for videos so that's all going well, despite it being pretty repetitive. I'm also hard at 'work' on Fortnite, season 3 seems to be very cool and I like some of the new items they have added. Not to sure what is going on with the Call of Duty Competitive scene at the moment but I won't go into a rant about that here.

Just to say that the developers need to sort their stuff out or i'm heading to Minecraft... -_- 

Anyway but in all seriousness everything is going well for me at the moment and the media side of Radiant and our streamers are being great as usual. Lots of respect for all the guys here and hopefully next week will include some more exciting events! 


TechnoBoz - I myself have been somewhat inactive with Radiant this week. Been putting more time into my studies but was great to see the halo boys do so well. It was unfortunate for them to only finish in the top 12.

The new Rocket League guys are really friendly and can't wait to see them in action. 



Tay - Currently Steps is where it was at last week. Sam and I have been looking at the members progression and are soon going to be handing out new tasks to those individuals who have worked hard enough. Sam and I have been very busy lately but we have tried to stay consistent with tweeting out on the Twitter and making the chat as active as possible. 



This week has been crazy, the Staff team has been working overtime to prepare for the content we are about create in March. We're looking at a 20-day content plan full on streaming,videos and articles - look forward to that! 

With the HCS event out the way, I am extremely happy for the lads and their performance - T12 is a brilliant placing. I hope to keep the roster onboard and progress them further for the future. Behind the scenes talks have been taking place with multiple teams and Call of Duty being one. I hope to finalise talks soon and suprise you all with a annoucment! 

Sorry for keeping it short this week - as my birthday was on Sunday, it granted me with limited time.

All the best - Nathan 'NoVaa'.