Radiant Esports | 20 Day Content Plan Explained.


March 20 Day Content Plan - What Can You Expect?

We here at Radiant are driven to supplying entertaining, relevant content to our audience. Whether that is through written content such as posts on our Blog or visual content such as the likes of YouTube videos and Twitch streams. We wanted to take this a step further, to not only challenge ourselves but also supply 20 days of continuous, entertaining content that is aimed to be enjoyed but also retain the informative factor.


What can I expect?

Throughout the 20 day period you can expect various channels used, view the image below to get a general idea on what you can expect each day.


Why are we doing this?

As mentioned earlier, our main aim to supply our audience with the right content with the intention to inform and entertain. Within this Content Plan we have aimed to cover the entire reach, from covering all our current Esport ventures being Halo, Smite and Rocket League whilst also catering to our management following.

Additionally, this is also a test to see how well we can market and deliver such content, in 20 consecutive days. I believe we can supply such a need and it will indeed test our limits here at Radiant, dedicated content for 20 days... sounds tough but possible.


Content Explained.

You can see our Content Plan mapped out, however, do you understand each and every piece and what you can expect to be delivered from it? If not, we will explain each piece briefly here.

Smite Review - In-depth look into a 'God' character, what abilities they hold, how to play such a character and what situations it is useful for.

Rocket League Tips - Video dedicated to beginners or newcomers to Rocket League who may not fully understand the mechanics within the game. 

Streotypes In Esports - Article discussing the past controversy on Esports and when it first hit the mainstream Media, talking about the initial reaction and how closed people were to accepting the normality of it. Also discussing TV appearances that aimed to change views on Esports.

Week In Review - Our weekly series, released on a Monday, aimed to include an update on what has go on within the organisation with a shine of the inside view into Radiant. 

Halo Tips - Video dedicated to beginners or newcomers to Halo, describing the basics of the game, discussing competitive game-modes and how Halo differs from other First Person Shooters.

Esports At The Olympics - Article discussing the possibility of Esports being showcased at the Olympics, talking about how we could get involved, how it would work and would it be widely accepted? If not, what kind of reaction would we expect?

Streaming Highlights - Expect a video dedicated to fails/funny moments from our streamers here at Radiant, Episode #3 of our series!

Streaming Day - Expect a jam-packed day full of our own streamers on the Radiant Channel, streaming various content to fit all tastes.

Rocket League Montage - Subject to change however a montage dedicated to skilful clips edited down into a stunning visual piece.

Future For BR Games - Article discussing the future for Battle Royale games, yes they are popular content wise but are they viable for Esports? Opinions on the luck factor?

How To Contact A Organisation - Video created by our own CEO talking about the steps you should take when reaching out to a organisation, how you should do so and what tools to have.

i62 Event Article - To finish of our marathon of content, we are discussing the upcoming Event; Insomnia 62. Talking about our attendance and what kind of content we're looking to create from the event itself. It's going to be an exciting one! 


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