Week In Review #2


Radiant Esports | Week In Review #2

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as H1Z1, Brawlhalla, CSGO, Halo, Project Steps, Studio Team, Management and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #2 - 05/02/18



James 'Censure' - So, last week we finalised the roster by adding Sparky, which we're all delighted with. And then on Saturday we Joined Radiant which is exciting for everyone involved. On Sunday we played the 2k with a sub and had a pretty poor performance which we'll hopefully improve on next weekend. The LAN is under 3 weeks away now so excitement is building, I personally can't wait to see everyone again and have a great weekend in London. So from now until the LAN it's just time to Grind and improve as much as possible. Expect some streams of scrims and pro points at some point this week. I think that's everything for now guys so have a great week.



Oggie - The week for us in the H1Z1 team has been really great. The Revenge EU private server season has just ended and we finish off as 8th on the overall leaderboard which we are happy about especially with some unfavourable days. Due to the ending of the private server season, we have been playing a lot of public scrims and got some wins / games that we can take with us as a team and communication-wise. With the new season starting up soon on the 7th of Feb we are excited to begin a new season and hopefully have a much better start than last time, this will lead us down a good path to the T3 area. 



This week we were going to get a statement off of our CS:GO captain KP but unfortunately due to poor performances, the team came to the conclusion to bench him. Right now we are looking at potential replacements but so far nothing is confirmed. We wish KP and the team the best of luck for the future!

The team will continue to fight in ESEA intermediate and hopefully build on the good start that they gained with their previous roster.



Doubledime - This week, I found my 2v2 partner for the winter championships, coming up during the weekend of February 17-18.. And we are on the hard grind. The prize pool for that tournament is 15k and we are one of the teams in contention. Also with the new circuit being announced, 2018 is looking like a bright year for Brawlhalla as a Esport, I'm excited to grow along with Brawhalla as we journey together - bring on 2018! 



Jacob - The current week within the studios has been quite quiet, simply due to a slow influx of clients, and none of our sponsors needing designs, or the team needing sponsor announcement designs. The main interaction within the studios itself has been few questions, and the general chit-chat.

This sort of quiet flow is expected, and is definitely appreciated by the designers, as it allows us a time to have a small (almost) relaxation period, and focus on our personal clients, and just bettering our designs, and asking for opinions on them. What I have personally been doing is simply just experimenting on my designs. Trying different social media designs, and changing my style. This week has been just trying new things, and seeing how I can incorporate them into my designs, and make myself a more versatile designer.



Quakez - Another great week in Radiant! My new custom 'QuakeZ' Jersey arrived and is looking fresh and as usual the media team is hard at work just doing our thing. 

I have continued work on the stream highlights series as i mentioned in the past week in review so I am looking to get that out as soon as possible. Also me and some other members of the Radiant media team are working on a Fortnite gameplay that is filmed from multiple perspectives which once I think is finished should look great. 

Overall everything is looking good in Radiant and the media team and we look to continue this into the next weeks and months as usual. 



Tay - Sam and I are currently in charge of running Project Steps. We both believe that Project Steps is running very well and that everyone who is apart of Steps are achieving and learning many new things that is going to help them along their journey here and eventually into Radiant Esports.

We are both having a lot of fun running Steps and are enjoying watching everyone progress and strive for success. I’ve had a lot of fun since being given the role of Head of Project Steps. Seeing all of the new members join and begin grinding to help achieve each task and move closer and closer towards joining Radiant Esports is great. Like Sam mentions, once we have sorted everything out and it’s all up to date, it’ll be something you don’t want to miss out on. 

Sam - In my opinion, I believe that Steps is running very well and once we can get everything sorted out and all up to date, it will be even better and a great opportunity for everyone. I love going into peoples streams and providing them with valuable information about how to achieve their desired task and move on closer to getting into Radiant Esports.


What next? 

To begin may I say - what a fantastic week. Welcoming multiple new Media Additions along with a Halo Roster (one of my favourite Esports) along with other small successes. I am beyond happy with the nature of Radiant at this moment, inside and out. Our Facebook is now back up and running and it has never been better with active posts each and every day. 

Today, our Twitch also kicks off with the schedule allowing all of our Streamers to showcase their talent to our audience. Furthermore we have so much more planned for the future. I just want to that everyone for their recent support, regardless if it's a like on a tweet, a message of congratulations or actively supporting anything we do - I appreciate every single one of you, it means so much. 

Sorry to keep my post so short this week, I wanted to equal it out due me implementing a video at the start. Here is to next week, hopefully even more success and growth to come. 

-Nathan 'NoVaa'