Fortnite - Why Is It So Successful?

We see many popular games come and go within their lifetimes, however, Fortnite is looking to stay, with our recent post talking about Fortnite and Esports, I thought I'd develop more on what Epic Games, the developers have done well to create such a popular title among all ages. 

Firstly to begin, we must mention the core game-play, it is vibrant, fluid and fun. Fun being the keyword there, games come and go but are they really fun? When was the last time you really felt that addiction to a game, quite frankly for me it was back in the Xbox 360 era. Fortnite manages to hook the player to continually want to play, earn gear and rank up, along with their daily rewards, Battle Pass system and other methods to encourage game-time. Furthermore, not to mention that the Battle Royale mode is completely free across ALL platforms, and those on PC/PS4 are able to cross-platform play with each other.

This is one of the core factors that pushes Fortnite above any other multiplayer game out there at this moment in time. Of course, one thing to mention is their survival game mode - Horde mode. This is where you must pay for the game, which comes with extra add-ons of the such, however, this is where Fortnite may need to improve, it lacks the intense action-packed fun we're used to in Battle Royale and feels more repetitive. But saying that, we must remember this game is still in BETA. 

Moving on to what I believe is the main factor, Developers are hands down the best we have ever seen. Their Social Accounts post updates every hour with improvements to servers, additions to in-game content/loot along with quirky new games modes to play, all for free. With each and every large update, instead of doing a normal blog listed post they interact with their audience and create a well-made video detailing everything they have updated, even reaching out to those watching, asking for their advice and support.

The community is never left in the dark and problems are fixed within 12 hours of mention, they are truly the gold standard for what a developer should be, and for that, you can see the advantages. Their Twitter account has gained a constant 100,000 a week and continues to grow, they have been announced as the largest Battle Royale game ever, dethroning the monster PUGB. 

The final reason I believe is Content, creators love the game and their audience love watching. Streaming alone gives Fortnite the number 2 spot viewership wise, just after the giant League of Legends, and YouTube backs the same analytics with Content Creators growing in rapid numbers due to their switch to the game.

I truly cannot see Fortnite dying off anytime soon, if they continue at the pace they are currently at with constant improvements, weekly content additions and more - they are on the right road to becoming one of the most successful gaming titles ever. Keep your eyes locked onto Fortnite this year, it is going to be one hell of a journey. 

Written by Nathan Edmonds.