CoD World League 2018 - How Can We Fix It?

Whether you're a player or just someone who enjoys watching Call of Duty, you may have noticed this year - improvements have been made from 2016s Title; Infinite Warfare. However when it comes to the competitive side, not much has changed, Pro Points still dominate your decisions as a player and will affectedly win you a team or lose one. With the introduction of the National Leagues which seemed like a great idea, soon turned into a Roster-mania event which virtually left all players in a different roster which they may not of hoped for - however they would only hold their position in the division due to their Pro Point standing. This therefore left multiple high skilled players out of luck due to their lack of points.

Without argue, Pro Points are the core of the problem and this must be solved, after discussing, interviewing and talking to multiple Call of Duty players we have decided to create a post detailing what is needed to improve this system in the hope that it may get noticed. We all care for the future of Call of Duty and with this year being back on boots, we need to act quickly. 

To begin I simply asked the question 'How could the CWL improve?' to both Harry 'HayJay' and Frank 'Verdict' for their thoughts.  

HayJay - The CWL right now is good, what they can do to make it better is the advertisement for it needs to be better, push to promote it, hype videos, it will bring in viewers. They need to make it one platform and that is on Twitch. They need to make the switch, bring in viewers from MLG to Twitch, even though that's where the money is made for them, it's not where the viewership is, people will simply click on a channel or event because of the 'view count' and right now, numbers are extremely low.

Boycotting is simply not the answer either, by this you're killing overall numbers off, there needs to be a way they can get the developers and people who deal with it all (streaming side) and get it done."

Verdict - "Well I think the pro league has only a minor amount of problems; the lack of advertisement being the main one; maybe letting people attend the event to spectate matches like the LCS, other then that I don't think they're doing anything majorly wrong.

The only problems I have with the national league is how the pro point breakdown is for each league and I think the rosters should consist of 3 players from that region. They've started to stream the games too so thats good."

As you can see, the running theme is the advertisement. The CWL is simply not bringing in the viewership and exposure that motivates the players competing at anything below Professional. It's a proven fact that the appealing an Esport looks from the outside perspective, more of an audience will form and become interactive within the project. Don't get me wrong, MLG has done a great job with production so far, however - advertisement and exposure of the brand are lacking. 


The core game CoD:WW2 is solid, it's the best we've had in years and we need to take advantage of it, moving onto the direct issue which is Pro Points, players are forced to compete every single day to play their 5 matches to earn points, and most weekends there is a 2k Tournament that bids many more points to be up for grabs. However, this takes away from the core value of competing - practice. Teams simply don't see these game-battle matches as practice because they are doing it for one reason - to gain points, nothing else. However if they had more time for 'Scrims' this would issue time to dedicate practice to new strategies, learning gameplay mechanics and much more. As much as I do disagree with the Pro Point system, it is not all bad and realistically I can't see it going anywhere this year due to how much of a factor is has embedded.

HayJay - "A massive issue is 'Pro Points', the game is great, the system? not so much. Pro points are the least enjoyable competitive form MLG have to offer, they take 2/3 hours a day to complete which is valuable practice time. The lack of practice has simply decreased as a lot of people will focus it because of such big consequences it can have on a team such as seeding for an event, a 2K or some sort of qualifier. They need to find another form (such as 250 series) where you still earn points regardless where you place but the lower you place the less points you earn (something along them lines). They system has gotten worse over the last 2 years, it needs to go!"

However, it could be improved and below will be a list detailing how to do so: 

-Scrap the daily Pro Point matches. This will allow more time to practice and focussing on the big events. 

-2k Tournaments should aim to be every weekend, with Pro Points on the line. The performance from that 2k should then result in seeding for the next one. These also should be streamed by MLG casters and random matches picked throughout the bracket.

-National Leagues need to hold more worth - every match casted and analysis takes place after. 

Now I understand, this plan is not perfect and may lack some structure, and the main question will stand 'How will someone catch up to those already with more points?' and I believe that is the only flaw as they cannot deduct points, add points or equal them out due to the impact they have already made. 

Do you agree/disagree or have some valuable opinions to add? Ensure you tweet us at Radiant Esports - we'd love to hear you opinions. We are passionate about Call of Duty and we believe if change does not happen soon, the future is looking far from bright. The Esport title deserves to be at the top among the giants such as CS:GO and League of Legends, to begin however we must improve the system that we currently have in place.