Week In Review #7

Radiant Esports | Week In Review #6

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as SmiteHaloProject StepsStudio TeamManagement and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #6 - 05/03/18



HayJay (Haircut) - Excited for the opportunity Nathan and Tom have gave me, Nathan’s wanted me for a long time and he knows that too (very false statement, Nathan was begged for several weeks until he finally gave in), I’m glad I finally get to join Radiant and I can work and progress with them and hopefully bring them and myself success with my streaming. 

I will be streaming scrims here and there with my team so we can look back on and see how to improve, furthermore giving the audience and those in Radiant something to watch.

I look forward to competing at iSeries with this new roster, huge potential and we hope to turn peoples views at the event. Read more about the roster here.

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League of Legends

Crane - The team are all new and young talent, just beginning their journey towards pro. As the experienced member of the team I will be coaching and guiding them on the way up.

They're all eager to improve and win, and we will do exactly that. Radiant is the perfect organisation for us to do this under and we're excited for the future! Keep up to date with us on the ESL Division 2 as we work out way up thorugh the ranks, bring it on! 

If you'd like to find out more information about each and every team member, checkout our page on the Website! 



Jacob - This week has definitely been one where a lot has happened behind the scenes of the studios, and within the roster itself. With the release of three designers from the studios in the last week; the studios has definitely had a shift in vibe - though not for the worse.

The studios has released its new plan for production, and growing. This is through us interacting with those interested with the studios, and it’s conglomerate; Radiant as an Esport organisation. We had the introduction of a new designer to the team, which has completed the roster, with maybe one spot left. This week has been a long one, with us all working to grow, expand, and reach new areas as a studio. This is all done through Chris and Humaid working ridiculously hard to complete all of this. I think I speak on behalf of the design team, and the management where I say that we can’t wait to interact with our audience, and show you what we have in store.



Jack 'Grumpi' - This week in Radiant was a great one as we announced our acquisition of the division formerly know as ‘Tasty Stick’ and entered the ESLUK LoL Division 2. I’ve been working hard to try and get us a good enough roster to represent us in ESL for a while as it’s the Luna level of UK Esports and has always been somewhere I want to see the Radiant logo.

In terms of i62 team if you’re still looking to represent Radiant please do message me ASAP so we can try and get something sorted. Expect more announcements in the coming weeks. Radiant is continuing to grow constantly.

Will - Hi, I am Will – this week I joined Radiant as the Project Manager. My role is to organise efficient, worthwhile projects for Radiant, that ease the work of Nathan the CEO and develop Radiant as an organisation. I became interested in joining Radiant when I saw how an organisation built by young, talented individuals had the ability to go to national events and to be sponsored by great companies.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Radiant and look forward to the future of the organisation.

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Quakez - This week in Radiant saw the release of my newest video for Radiant. Stream Highlights Episode 3, released Saturday as day 10 of the March content plan, was uploaded to the Radiant YouTube channel so you can check that out if you would like. The other instalments of the content plan seem to be going very well and the ones still to come out are looking good and coming on well. In other news my Overwatch skill is improving by the day and I have become comfortable on a few heroes such as Pharah (looking like my main as of now) and also Soldier 76 who I seem to be decent with.

Overall its going well here in the Media team and as always keep an eye out for funny and cool moments on Radiant streams for the next stream highlights episode!

Josh - Kato and I have been busy with work so haven't been able to stream during the week. Over the weekends though we've been playing Sea of Thieves and have started out first play through of Bloodborne! We also participated in the Splatoon 2 "Which came first? Chicken or Egg?" Splatfest event for team egg! Did our team proud by achieving max rank but ultimately team chicken came out on top. Up next: More Sea of Thieves and more Bloodborne!! Stay tuned!


Tom - This week in steps has really been about talking to everyone in the project and finding out more about them and their history in steps. I've set tasks for everyone in the project and am pleased with the results so far.

Now I'm confident I know a bit about the members and everything is setup, steps can finally run smoothly again and now it's all about keeping it to the high standard the members deserve.

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What next?

Exciting times here at Radiant! With two new rosters, League of Legends and Call of Duty you may have noticed the trend... focused more around UK Esports. This is due to our audience, which lies as the majority being from the United Kingdom, hence we are trying to centre our content more focused around this region. 

With the acquisition of these two rosters it gives us a huge playing field when it comes to marketing, we're excited to show you what we have been working on behind closed doors. Regardless, it's been a busy week at a Radiant but also a week full of personal and group achievements, I cannot wait to share more with you all! 

-Nathan 'NoVaa'