Week In Review #8

Week In Review #8

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as HaloProject StepsStudio TeamManagement and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #8 - 19/03/18



HayJay - Scrims have been going fair good and we know where we're going wrong which we're fixing as we go, with the 2k on Sunday, we didn't play how we normally would as how we have to scrims, my individual performance wasn't up to par but it's something to work on until the event, we have max 10/11 days practice before the event, time to get our heads down and nail what we can.

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League Of Legends

Praevius - This week has been a huge week of preparation for our first ESL 2nd Division game. Recently we have had some extremely talented coaches interested in taking the roster to the next level as we look to take on Digital Warfare in our first game on Wednesday the 21st.

Our first 4 weeks in ESL look to be the hardest of any team with some extremely good rosters facing us, But the entire team is excited to play and are ready to shock the UK scene! 

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Quakez - Not too much new to report on this week but a few bits are going on. The media team have and are releasing the final instalments of the March 20 Day content plan which we all agree was a good success and something we may consider doing again at some point. From here i'm just waiting to see what lies ahead so I can be ready to get that done as and when it is needed.

My Overwatch journey, which has become a bit of a regular in week in review, is coming on well with me reaching platinum in ranked just yesterday after 2 weeks of play time - not too bad. I have now discovered however why people often say how it makes you angry when it doesn't go so well... Anyways that's about it for this week and just to say that I will likely start the next episode of stream highlights in the coming week so as usual don't forget to drop me any cool clips!



Humaid - This week we sadly had to let go a few of the designers from the studio due to them not being able to meet the terms and conditions we had set for them, In result of this we have came up with a plan to help increase our activity on the studio which we can hopefully begin to put into place in the coming days.

We still have a few other designers to talk to and ask a few questions regarding the studio and what they think we could improve. Our goals for the coming week is to stick to the plan we have set and hopefully begin to see an increase in clients and also followers.

Jacob - This week has simply been moving to make what I stated last week a reality. There’s not much that I can really say that doesn’t sound like I’m repeating myself. This week, myself, Chris, and Humaid met in a meeting to help form a better connection as designer, and leads which will allow us to work more effectively together. This is something that is happening with all designers to help build a closer family feel to the studios.



Arabella - My time so far has been really great at radiant. My first article was published, and I’m already learning so much. The team has been really great with helping me learn and grow. I’m excited to continue working with the company and writing more content for you all. Look forward to seeing more from me in the future! 

Will - I have been in Radiant for two weeks now and it’s been great. I have already bonded with most of the staff, all great people giving me a great welcome to the Esports world. I am focusing on the twitch side of radiant at the minute and look forward to see that side of the org advance and develop into a great community within Radiant! 

Tom - Steps is running smoothly with everyone busy at tasks! The responses have been great and everyone generally seems happy within the project. Over the next few weeks I'm looking to come up with new tasks to keep everyone entertained while really testing their skills - the new tasks should be ready to be put into place soon and I'm looking forward to seeing how members of steps respond to them.