Radiant Esports | Insomnia 62 Gaming Event

Radiant Esports | Insomnia 62 Gaming Event

Radiant Esports will be attending the first Insomnia event this year; Insomnia 62. These events are usually hosted three times a year, one being around Easter, then August and to end off in early December. This will be first time attendance at a Insomnia event and it has been long overdue.

However, i62 is a little different, this year they are hosting the only EU based CWL event; CWL Birmingham. The prize pool currently stands at $200,000 which is the largest prize pot to be hosted at an Insomnia event. With over 150+ Open bracket teams it should be a good weekend of Call of Duty

We here at Radiant are extremely excited to be entering Call of Duty again and hope to kick off our re-entry with a bang. The roster has been grinding out practice each and every day whilst also going back on game-play and learning from their mistakes. We could not ask for a more dedicated roster and we are proud to have them represent the brand at CWL Birmingham. 


What can you expect from Radiant at this event?

To begin we are sending a Call of Duty roster to compete in the CWL event, the roster consists of HayJay, Logicxn, Brxxy, and Pascoe. You can find more information about them here. Furthermore, GTOmega Racing, one of our Sponsors has kindly sent over a handful of bags to showcase at the event!

Additionally, you can expect a handful of Media members who will be recording footage for the return of our documentary series; Inside Radiant. We also have a handful of Photographers who will be present at the event who will be focussed on getting photos of the team. 

And lastly, you can expect tones of content being pumped out from i62, such as player interviews, montages and of course Inside Radiant. Stay tuned for more to come! 


Meet up with us?

If you're looking to meet up with the team, or discuss general Esports chit-chat be sure to message our Owner; Nathan. He will be happy to meet up and talk at the event, just give us a heads up! Also if you are looking to schedule a meeting regarding a sponsorship or just general recruitment then again, going through Nathan is the best means of contact. 

Furthermore, we have a surplus of Radiant merchandise such as Keyrings, Stickers and Business cards - don't be afraid to approach us and ask for one, we will be happy to hand them out. 

We are ecstatic to me attending iSeries and hope to see as many of you as possible! You can find our countdown timer below that is leading us down very quickly to the event...