Stereotypes In Esports.

Stereotypes attached with Gaming have become less mentioned within recent years, however, if you were to rewind back to 2015 when Esports was drowned in speculation and controversy, with those outside of Gaming hearing about Esports for the first time.

I think, to begin with, we must mention the spark which took this to mainstream media, when Jimmy Kimmel discussed the new service YouTube were offering; YouTube Gaming. Jimmy went onto critising those who where watching others such content which sparked a huge out rage within the YouTube, Gaming and Esports community. 

Jimmy in return received 177k dislikes along with a volley of comments against him. This video them lead to the topic being took to Social Media where Esport fans clashed directly with those against the idea of watchable Esports content. To discuss this further, we must highlight some common misconceptions within Gaming/Esports. 

1. Esports has a huge market reach. 

There are hundreds of millions based around the world the enjoy playing or watching Esports, from passive viewers to those who attend the events. It is understandable that this may be a foreign concept to those who do not understand or realise the potential however realistically, Esports is setting the stage for future, worldwide entertainment.

2. Esports is a Sport.

With this still being a hot topic I thought it was worth a mention, without a doubt - Esports should be granted and recognised as a Sport. Players at the highest levels practice endless hours a day, create strategies together and even have their own dietary chefs who ensure their well prepared for their day. Furthermore, the money up for grabs stands in 7 figures. 

Statement from 'Serenity' - "I think the media shouldn't be slandering eSports if they do not have a clear view on how it operates. As for the stereotypes they may have advanced but people still see gamers as nerds who sit in their rooms all day and don't have a life."

To end off, I think the main message of this article is 'How can we market Esports in the right way to make it more globally accepted?'. It's a fact that Esports is one the fastest growing markets in the world right now and it's only a matter of time before it is broadcasted globally on Television, however what can we do to grab the attention of those who are resilient towards it? 

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