Week In Review #6

Radiant Esports | Week In Review #6

This series aims to condense our week at Radiant Esports into an interactive piece in which showcases what we have been up to internally and externally - covering all areas of the organisation such as SmiteHaloProject StepsStudio TeamManagement and the Media Team - to note this series does not cover all members within Radiant and just focuses on a handful to represent their area discussed. Issue #6 - 05/03/18



Tyyran - This week we successfully uploaded our second instalment for our weekly speed-art uploads along with coming closer to being able to showcase our apparel project we have been working on for the past few weeks but as we get closer to the apparel design project deadline we will have to begin to let go some designers of the roster due to reliability, quality and communication, any designer that can not meet these basic terms will be sadly dropped and should not expect any payment for the month.

In this coming week we will be recruiting designers from the messages we received through the radiant studio account so hopefully we can soon see some members join the roster and we can have a really well put together studio for Radiant. 

Jacob - There's been a lot happening internally with the studios the past week. There's been the collectives during the Halo Championship where the studios all took a very small time off to support the team whilst they were playing. The week itself has been slow within the studios, but eventful with other members, and behind the scenes, with designers all working on their own work, and experimental things.

Furthermore, there's been a lot behind the scenes, such as Humaid said last week, we are beginning to make the studios smaller, which will help with communication within the org, and studios, as well as making the studios operate more effectively. The studios has reached its calm current, meaning that nothing over the top is occurring, some work within the team, but nothing extreme, which is beneficial, as it provides the designers time to focus on personal work, both client, and in their real lives, as well as allowing them to try new things, and giving them time to improve, and benefit themselves, their clients, and Radiant as an organisation 



DarkWhisperL - I am very happy to have joined Radiant. I have been involved with Esports for more then 5 years. When I first heard of Radiant I was very intrigued as I liked what I saw on Twitter. Constantly putting out content, good content. I involved myself more and more and now I have joined Radiant. I am looking forward to what we will accomplish. 

Grumpi - This week in Radiant was white a slow one on my side. Some plans fell through as they always do in Esports and we never ended up getting the teams we were talking too. With i62 coming up we are looking to announce any team as soon as possible and hope you will support us throughout the i62 weekend. It also saddened me to see the CS:GO team we had depart from Radiant as I worked hard with those guys but due to certain roster issues it worked out best for both parties in the end.

I wish them the best in all future endeavours. Next week we hope to have some more team announcers and certain talent announcers as I now have Leon, @DarkWhisperL, assisting me with the whole talent side to Radiant. He’s helping in the areas in which I’m less knowledgeable about and helping Radiant for the better. 

Christopher Bilski - This week we began our twenty day content plan! Working with multiple writers and content creators, we will be releasing a new piece of content every day to the community focused on a variety of topics and titles. From Smite to the Olympics, keep an eye on our Twitter as there is sure to be something that interests you. 

We have also added a new writer to the team, Arabella Cavazos (@Peachamari). Arabella brings a wealth of Overwatch knowledge to the team, and will primarily be focused on content around the Overwatch League. We have also began to make progress on our Esports Guide, but if you are still interested in becoming a part of the project please reach out to me at @cdbilski

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QuakeZ - Another good week especially with the announcement and first few instalments of our 20 day content plan. My contribution to this will be day 10's Stream highlights episode 3 so I am working on that as of now. Look forward to your opinions on it when it is out so make sure you give it a watch. In other news I have started playing Overwatch which is going quite well but if there is anyone that knows anything about it I would appreciate your help!

It's a big Esport and, as mentioned in the last week in review, Sledgehammer and the Call of Duty developers seem not to care anymore it could be a potential game for me to go into. Finally I am also working on upgrading my PC so that I can play games on it (yes, its really that bad) and improve the speed at which I can make videos. Overall a good week in Radiant and the next few look to be the same with the remaining instalments of the content plan.

Arabella - Hello, I’m Arabella the new content writer who just got signed on. I’m really looking forward to being able to tell you guys about overwatch in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be handling overwatch related news. I can’t wait to get started and hope you like what I’ll be writing.



T1DY - This week I took over project steps. I've been working at Radiant for a few months now and one of my new roles is to turn steps around. I'm hoping to make it an active project that is valued by both amateurs looking to take their skills to the next level and for Radiant to find, help and pickup talented members of the community.

I'm looking forward to seeing where steps will go in the next few weeks, for now there's a lot of work to be done to catch up but I'm confident we'll see steps be a great program in the near future.