HEAT - What is the meaning behind it?


As you may or may not know, our Inside Radiant series has been quiet the hit in the past. With our first episode releasing in 2016 and the second following in 2017, we are expecting to blow both out the water with our latest release. This brings us to the present, we have rebranded the Inside Radiant name to 'HEAT' and you may be wondering why... we aim to answer that in this post.


What does the logo represent?

As our current Radiant Esports branding represents a Dragon mascot, we saw it fit to match the HEAT branding. As a Dragon is known to breathe fire, that fire gives off... HEAT. Furthermore, the flames represent the temperature coming off the logo which in all creates a clean branding image for our upcoming documentary series. Do you like the branding? What are you thoughts on the logo? Tweet us!

What can you expect from HEAT?

HEAT is releasing on the 4th of May... the first Friday next month. You can expect a high production piece that summarises our time at CWL Birmingham, you can enjoy footage of the event, out roster competing all commentated over by a player interview. Also, the ending is set to shock everyone, our aim to is to leave you with an emotional attachment to the Radiant brand. We want to create a feeling is left with each viewer, that encourages talk and discussion of the piece. You can expect it soon... 

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