Let The Dragons Consume You - Shanghai Dragons

Over the course of the Overwatch League, we have seen many teams fluctuate in skill. While most of these teams have changed for the better over the past stages, one has proven to go their own way. That being said their own way has been a decidedly rough time for them.

   The Shanghai Dragons are the team representing China in the Overwatch League. The team is owned by NetEase, a Chinese Internet Company that distributes Blizzard games throughout China. They are also currently known as the worst team in the Overwatch League.


   The Shanghai Dragons have struggled greatly since the beginning of the Overwatch League. They are the only team that has not been able to win a match. They currently have the score of zero to twenty. They as well have a map differential of -30 for the first stage, and a -35 in the second stage.

   While they Shanghai Dragons have had a rocky start, I believe that soon they will begin to improve. They have made many changes to their roster, including hiring RUI as a new coach. As well as bringing on Creed as an assistant coach. Most importantly they have changed up their roster quite a bit.

   Shanghai Dragons have now been the first team to bring onboard the first professional female Overwatch player, Geguri.  Although she comes from South Korea, Geguri has brought good publicity to Shanghai. I myself am excited to see how her joining them will turn out.

Not only Geguri, however, was brought on to the team. They have also hired Sky, Fearless, and Ado. All of these additions should bring a good new dynamic that I feel Shanghai needs. They also let go of their star DPS Undead, and their former Head Coach U4 .

Like many teams there will be a bit of a language barrier that I hope does not prove to be detrimental to the team dynamics. As Ado, Fearless, and Geguri come from South Korea, they may have a hard time at the beginning with trying to communicate with the Chinese members of the team.

Despite this, I do believe that this will revitalize the Shanghai Dragons and I will be watching them from now on very closely. As I myself have been a fan of MG, and Geguri, I hope to see Shanghai succeed in Stage 3.

Only time will tell how all these changes will affect Shanghai Dragons, but I sincerely hope that it will be for the best.

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Written by Arabella Cavazos / Edited by Christopher Bilski