Fortnite Announces $100,000,000 To Be Spent On Esports.

Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, the hugely successful Battle-Royale game have recently announced their commitment to $100,000,000 towards Fortnite Esports. Just to be clear that is one-hundred million to be spent, the largest amount we have ever seen in the history of Esports. To put it into comparison find a screenshot below detailing last years (2017) Esports prize-pools... Fortnite is just under with them put together. 

 States gathered via

States gathered via

What is the future for Fortnite?

After seeing first hand what Fortnite can do, what is the next step from now? I think first it is clear that this funding will be spilt across multiple online and offline tournaments, with a good majority going to some kind of Championship? Epic Games made it quite clear to mention that they wanted to approach this differently, so anything could happen. Furthermore they had mentioned their aim was to open it more inclusively meaning they are possibly trying to cater for their entire audience. 

Regardless, I think we can all admit, Epic Games have done a good job so far and with this next venture, we as the Esports community can only hope for the future. This is single-handedly one of the largest announcements Esports has had to this date, we are truly lucky to be witnessing it as it happens. 

How will this affect future Esports prizepools? 

With this announcement, Epic Games have set the bar higher meaning we may see giants such as League Of Legends and Dota 2 look to match it. If anything we can all hope this leads to an overall increase across the board within Esports, giving players larger insentives to go out there and chase; Whilst also grabbing the interest of sponsors and most importantly growing the Esports fanbase.


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