Halo Championship Series - 2018.

Halo has recently announced some brilliant news regarding the 2018 Season of Competitive Halo - here is a quick run down on all you need to know. 

-There is now 16 Teams competing within the Halo WC Finals - increased from 12. 

-9 Teams from NA, 4 from EU/Middle East, 2 from New Zealand and 1 from Latin America.

-Competition begins on the 13th of January where a point system has been introduced (to decide seeding for LANs)

-MLG is back! The online platform will be gamebattles and MLG is back in full force. 

-The first 2018 LAN Event will be the Orlando Open which will take place on the 16th of February. 

-Following on will be the finals in each area, to decide what teams attend the World Championship. These will be as follows: London (23rd-25th) Sydney (March 9th-11th) Mexico City (March 17th-18th) and Columbus (March23rd-25th)

-Then of course, the biggest event; the World Championship will take place in Seattle Washington from April the 13th - 15th. 

Are you excited for the new Halo season? We are.