Radiant CoD Youth.

Our Call of Duty Youth roster compete in various leagues such as EEG, VAL, Esports Universe and a handful more tournaments on a weekly basis. The team are looking to shine this season and bring home top placings across the board. 

"They are a joy to work with, I was hesitant to enter the Youth scene again but this roster has proven me no faults. They have shown me a new light on the scene and I hope to keep them on-board for the near future." - Nathan 'NoVaa' Edmonds.



I first got into competitive call of duty back in 2012/2013. I haven't really won anything special yet, other than a few online tournaments back in AW.

I have had a few years of not playing call of duty competitively in both BO3 and IW. I'm finally back playing WW2 after taking a long break from Call Of Duty. I'm excited to compete for Radiant in all the upcoming leagues and cups.



I first got into competitive Call Of Duty around 2013, when I started to play ranked play in Ghost, I then moved onto GBs and ladder matches in February 2014.

Once AW came out I got my first ever team and started to enter in free tourneys and started to get my name out into the scene. 

 When IW came out in 2016, it was my highlight year, in January on 2017 i won the first ever playoff in IW, and from their I didnt place out the t3 once from any of the playoffs, and had around 4 Championships throughout the whole of the IW season.



I got into competitive Call of Duty in ghosts when I was playing GBs and also played GBs throughout AW. Once BO3 came I got my first competitive team and went on to win a league in BO3 and an ESL, I then went into IW and won an AM on the first month which got my name out there and got into a good team.

From there I went on to win 2 more golds in IW and get top placements throughout it aswell then started ww2 slowly but when playoffs came I’ve placed T3 in all 3 leagues that has been on.



I got into Call of Duty around 2008 playing zombies in World at War, I first started properly playing in Febuary 2016 during Blops 3 but took a break during IW for my exams.

I came back in July and won a GB AM. During WW2 i placed t3 in my first two playoffs. I am looking forward to play under Radiant for S2/S3 and hopefully win.