Radiant CoD Youth.

Our Call of Duty Youth roster compete in various leagues such as EEG, VAL, Esports Universe and a handful more tournaments on a weekly basis. The team are looking to shine this season and bring home top placings across the board. 

"They are a joy to work with, I was hesitant to enter the Youth scene again but this roster has proven me no faults. They have shown me a new light on the scene and I hope to keep them on-board for the near future." - Nathan 'NoVaa' Edmonds.


Welsh jordy

I got into Competitive Call of Duty around 2013, I first properly playing in MLG Gamebattle matches & then moved onto Twitter leagues.

I have picked up various achievements along the line such as winning up-to 9 Playoffs & numerous Gfinitys. I am looking forward to play under Radiant for S2/S3 and hopefully bring home some more wins.



I got into competitive Call of Duty in 2014, I haven't really achieved anything throughout my time playing competitive but I am currently under Radiant for S2 and will hopefully bring home some league wins.



I got into competitive Call of Duty in ghosts when I was playing GBs and also played GBs throughout AW. Once BO3 came I got my first competitive team and went on to win a league in BO3 and an ESL, I then went into IW and won an AM on the first month which got my name out there and got into a good team.

From there I went on to win 2 more golds in IW and get top placements throughout it aswell then started ww2 slowly but when playoffs came I’ve placed T3 in all 3 leagues that has been on.



I got into Call of Duty around 2008 playing zombies in World at War, I first started properly playing in Febuary 2016 during Blops 3 but took a break during IW for my exams.

I came back in July and won a GB AM. During WW2 i placed t3 in my first two playoffs. I am looking forward to play under Radiant for S2/S3 and hopefully win.