Community Based Organisation

We here at Radiant have built up the brand on various different morals, one being our willingness to help those within the esports community. In the past we have had projects such as 'Steps' and 'Ability' which aim to support and grow those who participate, these campaigns gave us the opportunity to work hands on with people who learnt important skills that pushed them further in their esports career. 

We believe in helping those who support our brand, we hate naming our community as 'Fans', it seems too belittling. All of you are our supporters, friends and believers, you are all helping us here at Radiant go the extra mile, this is why you will always be the best followers we have. Below you will find two videos, one being some basic tips on how to contact a brand, and the other being our promotional video in which displays some of our values here at Radiant. If you'd like you can contact us anytime.


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