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Radiant is always growing and seeking new talent. If you are a Content Creator, Streamer, a Esports Roster or just interested in our Management options then we may have a spot for you. Ensure you include all relevant details in the form below. Or you can email us at:

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Are you interested in getting into Esports? We are always seeking volunteers willing to come on-board and develop the brand with us, be apart of our journey. We here at Radiant offer multiple different channels of contact to ensure you can choose you preferred method, you can contact us via Twitter Messages, Email or fill out our quick and easy Contact form found above. Furthermore if you believe you don't meet our current criteria you can apply to our Academy based project; Steps

When applying we understand that not everyone has been through this process and it may not be obvious for what standard of contact we are looking for, to solve this issue, below we've listed a step by step guide for each channel with the aim to develop your skills along with making the contact process much easier for both parties. 

Twitter Messages

It may seem obvious but to begin, ensure you follow the organisation, it takes half a second and present your interest in the organisation. Following this introduce yourself and what you're messaging about along with all relevant links, for example if you are messaging regarding a management position, include a link to your CV. One thing to note is professionalism and the standard of communication, just because it is Twitter and may feel more relaxed - we still expect a high level of communication, please respect that. 


Email is our personal favourite method of contact, easy to read and a better response can be ensured. However with email, we expect a standard of etiquette, well written and well formatted. State who you are, your current position, experience and so forth - ensure it is all relateable to Esports. With email, you have the possibility to attach files to - so take use of it, attach relevant information such as previous experience, CV or some stats on yourself/team. Furthermore when emailing please note that Social links are must, to not only do our own research on your Social accounts but furthermore if that is your best point of contact and you clearly mention that - we can reach out to you there. 

Contact Form

Just because our form is quick and easy to fill in, this does not mean the quality should slip. Ensure all relevant detail is listed and even more importantly, the information is correct. If you email and Twitter turn out to be incorrect we have no point of contact to reach out to you, therefore ending the application before it has even started. Furthermore, take advantages of the *Message section and list as much detail as possible, make our jobs easier and smooth out the recruitment process. 


Did this help? We can ensure you that if you follow this simple guideline it will assist in your recruitment process and may get you even closer to that position you are aiming for in Esports.