Advice In Esports

Esports is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, to succed within this market you must adapt quickly and move with current trends. We here at Radiant have created various videos that aim to give helpful tips and advice to those in esports. Let us know your thoughts with a quick tweet.

How to contact an esports organisation

In our first video we looked at the areas in which you should understand before contacting a brand. Following this basic outline will help in getting the important answers back from those who you are contacting. 

Benefits of joining an esports organisation

In our second instalment we discussed the actual advantages of joining an organisation. Most kick off their career in esports organisations, make sure you are reaping the benefits but also understand the moral two way street attitude.

How to get a career in esports

We answer the big question in esports. How to get yourself a paid position in esports, how to do this and the channels  or methods you have available. 

Written Blog Posts

To complement our videos we have also written various pieces on esports advice and knowledge that may be useful. Find the available ones below


Affiliates, Partners... etc

We discussed the different deals you can get with companies, make sure you understand the differences.


Stereotypes In Esports

If you are new to gaming and esports you may not be aware of the stereotypes behind it. We discussed this in our post.

Social Media.png

social media importance

Two of the most important things to push in esports, make sure you understand how to use them well.


Funding Team In Esports

Make sure you invest your time and money wisely, understand what different teams deserve.

Tips Owning Org.png

Tips For Organisation Owning

Owning an esports Org can be hard, learn some helpful tips straight from our Owner and Founder.

AM VS Pro.png

Amateur vs professional

What are the key differences between Amateur and Professionals? Read out blog post discussing this.


Salaries Within Esports

Make sure you understand what teams deserve what, salaries is a big investment. Ensure you understand.


Why Is Branding Important?

Branding is the first thing your audience will see, ensure it is a consistently high standard and maintained.