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Esports Advice services

With my recent opportunity to take esports full-time along with my previous experience in Digital Marketing I had wanted to offer my services and knowledge to those in within the same market as me for a small price. You will notice that the prices are far lower than you can find them outside of esports but as the majority of my audience young entrepreneurs I only saw it fit to cater the prices to their needs.
Below are various different services listed, if you are interested feel free to click-through and read more about each sector. Furthermore, if you have any questions or queries feel free to drop me an email at
- Nathan 'NoVaa' Edmonds | Owner & Founder of Radiant Esports

Services Available

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SEO Advice Session:

This session includes a Skype call and detailed PDF covering the basics of SEO and how to apply it effectively.

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Sponsorship Proposal:

Get your custom Sponsorship Proposal created and work closely with our creatives to ensure it fits your brand.

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Social Media Advice Session:

This session includes a Skype call and detailed PDF covering important Social Media tactics that can be applied.

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Organisation Starter Pack:

If you're looking to start your own brand, make sure you do it right with our starter package built for those in esports.

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Custom Esports CV:

We will create your own personal, custom esports CV that will help in applying for positions inside or outside of esports.


Website Advice Session:

This package includes a Skype call and detailed PDF which takes you through the basics of creating a Website.


General Esports Advice:

This advice session is flexible to you, pay for how many hours you require and bring as many questions as you have.

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PPC Advice Session:

This session includes a Skype call along with a detailed PDF covering the basics of PPC and how you can use it.


I watched his video on ‘How to Contact an Organisation’ and I believe that a few people in the youth scene could really learn a few things from it. There are also many helpful things Nathan points out in his video about ‘Benefits of Joining an Organisation’.
— @MichaelMayhead
I’ve watched previous videos of Nathan’s regarding esports and the community. I’ve always wanted to be apart of esports but I wasn’t too sure where abouts to start. When I used to run my own organisation I found one video in particular extremely helpful, the video gave tips on how to contact different people. This is just one example of how a video has helped me.
— @BazaMedia

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