Radiant Esports Halo Roster

We're delighted to be working with one of the best teams in Europe in one of our favourite esports, Halo. This roster will be representing Radiant in weekl 2k tournaments and at HCS London where they will compete for $135,000.



I’m from Cambridgeshire near Ely. I’ve been playing professionally since 2015, I’ve consistently been around the top of European Halo and looking forward is to be at the top. The goal of this team is to take European Halo to a level it’s never been before.



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Turkledore - coach

I am the coach of the Radiant Halo Team I have had experience coaching players and teams at the highest level in multiple titles ranging from FIFA coaching professional players at campus party Berlin and FIWC, CSGO coaching Epiphany Bolt at the ESL One Cologne offline qualifiers and Halo coaching the current Radiant team at multiple international events, I believe that this line up will be very successful within Europe and will be a team to cause a lot of upsets internationally.