Radiant Esports Sponsors.

We here at Radiant take huge pride in our sponsors, we work directly with them to create creative, entertaining content that can be enjoyed by our audience. We value each and every sponsor for what they bring back to the brand here at Radiant, we could not ask for a better selection.


Gtomega racing

GT-Omega are a gaming chair company based within the UK, they supply our members with various products such as backpacks and chairs. GTOmega make a huge effort to attend multiple events based in the UK such as the well know Insomnia events, this gives us the opportunity to interact with them directly in person. 

If you would like to support our partnership with GTOmega you can use our discount code 'Radiant' for 5% off.


XGamer energy

XGamer are another one of our close partners, XGamer supplies us with energy based drinks that keep us energised and fuelled to play at our highest level. Just like GTOmega, XGamer make a huge effort to make an appearance at all possible UK events, which again gives the opportunity to interact with them directly. 

You purchase your own XGamer products and knock off the price with our discount 'Radiant' for 10% off.


money matches

Money Matches are one of our longest partners, we only have good things to say about them. Money Matches are a betting company based in Los Vegas and are known for supporting multiple brands and players within Esports.

You can sign up to Money Matches and earn more coins with our sign up code 'H7HI7A'.