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XGamer Energy - Radiant Esports Sponsor


How much do you know about XGamer?

XGamer is an advanced energy and focus formula that focuses mainly on the esports and gaming industry, aiming to fuel those behind the controller. We work closely with XGamer to ensure our community are fuelled by only the best quality product along with smooth powder that fully dissolves, vibrant colours with the perfect taste and their heavy focus on the esports world. XGamer boasts 5 awesome flavours and continue to expand with new additions soon to be announced, at the moment you can get your hands on:

  • Bluenitro : A blue raspberry burst with a subtle but refreshing zing.
  • Nightshade : A soft and sweet grape blend with a scented finish.
  • Zomberry : A mixture of juicy berries and fruits dominated by a sweet strawberry.
  • Powacrush : A mouthwatering hit of crushed pineapple with a lemon zesty follow on.
  • Nukefusion : A juicy and tangy lime burst with a sharpened after taste.

Working with XGamer comes with many benefits including free product which we can give back to our own members and use in giveaways. But more importantly it gives us the opportunity to offer a discount to you, our family. This meaning you can use code 'Radiant' at checkouts for 10% off all products.

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What does the future look like with XGamer?

We are more than excited to be working with XGamer, the future has never looked brighter. Now being the largest energy drinks company in the EU gaming scene then we now look to expand our reach grow the awareness of XGamer. We really do look forward to the next few years.