nathan ‘novaa’ edmonds | owner & founder

I created Radiant and have been here from the start, throughout all the ups and downs and to this point now. I am currently employed within esports which ties in directly with my hobbies and interests.

I have been in Esports for over 4 years and I believe the majority of my current knowledge has been taught throughout my journey, such as simple marketing all the way up to how a business is ran. 

Twitter | LinkedIn | nathan@radiantesports.com

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Calum ‘frenzy’ walker | team manager

I joined Radiant as a streamer/content creator at the end of January after working closely with the brand whilst at CWL Vegas 2018. Since then, I have streamed on my personal channel as well as Radiant’s during the House of Gamer’s Charity event and now find myself as the team manager of Radiant Esports. Ensuring all the players and content creators are happy and there is clear transparency throughout the organisation.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Walkercalum14@gmail.com


humaid ‘tyyrxn’ ahmad | lead designer

I’m the Graphics and 3D designer for Radiant. I work extremely hard to ensure that Radiant’s branding and promotional work are up to a high standard, ahead of other similar organisations. I’ve been working with Radiant for up to 1 year which has enabled me to gain a understanding as to how the brand should be presented visually.

Twitter | Portfolio | humaid@radiantesports.com

scott thomas | Head of media

I came on board with Radiant Esports just after CWL Birmingham in 2018. Since then I've been tasked with developing new ideas and creating content around the brand's docu-series HEAT. Working with Radiant Esports has opened many doors within the industry for me personally such as working for EGL as their main photographer to travelling to Las Vegas as press to cover my first MLG event. Use code Radiant.

Twitter | swtmediaproduction@gmail.com