Radiant 'damus'

My name is Kashaun "Damus" Hayden and I have been playing Tekken competitively since 2007. I proud myself on being a specialist in multiple games as I have placed top 8 in many events over the years.

My biggest placing at a major event for Tekken was 3rd place, for Vampire Savior it was 13th place, for Blazblue it was top 16th, and for Marvel vs Capcom it was 2nd place. I have done everything I have wanted to do but win the that major event. I multiple top 3 finishes in regional and local events. I'm proud to be a part of esports and 10 years ago I would not imagine it would be where its at now and its still growing. I'm also a community leader as I help run the events in upstate NY.

I have been running events since 2012, and I love giving players a place to play. My goal these days is to continue to grow as a player and help the team become a destination for future players to join.

You can follow my twitter here.